Just in time for Deer Season 2019!

The Pitbull Unleashed is our most powerful build, and this rifle was Power Tuned to achieve 300 Ft/lbs of muzzle energy using a 3400 PSI fill and 178 grain slugs by Neilsen Specialty Ammo.

**BiPod NOT Included
4-8 weeks for Delivery.

If you've ever wanted to hunt whitetail with an airgun, this build will deliver the impact and accuracy you need to fill your freezer with deliciousness!


We've included a Cocker Spaniel Steel Charging handle, One Matt's Modded 5 Shot Magazine, Single Shot Tray and FREE box of 50 count NSA 178 grain Hollow Point bullets!

3400 PSI Fill /178 grain NSA Bullets

Shot 1: 868,82 FPS (298 ft/lbs)
Shot 2: 862.91 FPS (294 ft/lbs)
Shot 3: 846.47 FPS (283 ft/lbs) 


This Build Includes:

  • Brand New Benjamin Bulldog (Black)
  • One Matt's Modded 5 Shot Magazine
  • Extended Reservoir
  • LONG Moderator
  • Steel Charging Handle
  • Barrel Supports
  • DePinger
  • Pitbull Power Spring
  • Picattiny Bipod Rail
  • Transfer Port Power Modding (225 Ft Lbs avg.)
  • Trigger Polishing & Tuning (to your pull-weight preferences)
  • Barrel Cleaning/Crowning & Lapping
  • Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting
  • Full Lubrication on necessary parts
  • Velocity Tuning/Adjusting
  • Price Includes Insured Shipping (ConUS ONLY, Hawaii +$100) 

Pitbull Unleashed Whitetail Edition


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