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Ai Can Lie: Chat GPT

Chat GPT Is currently the arificial intelligence model that many use out of curiosity, but can also be used for writing blogs and social media posts. Type in a question into the Chat GPT on your broswer such as "write a blog post about summer sausage" and it will generate about a two-three minute read, in blog format. Kind of cool, however there is a catch.

Chat GPT can lie. False or even dangerous information is one of the disclaimers on the Chat GPT website that one must be made aware of. When I asked it to "write a blog post about Paul Capello" there was false info, particularly that I had written several books on airguns. While I am a published author (The Maximum PC Guide to Extreme PC Mods, 2007) I have never written books about airguns.

It also claimed I became a professional shooter, competing in national and local events. This is false. While the remainder of the generated post is correct and even more flattering than I had imagined it would be, this technology has a long way to go. It's still rather creepy, even in its infancy however.

Here is the generated Chat GPT, with false info in yellow:

Paul Capello is a renowned figure in the air gunning community. He is a competitive shooter, an author, a YouTube personality, and a recognized expert in air gun technology and equipment. Over the years, Capello has made significant contributions to the air gunning industry, and his work has helped promote the sport to a wider audience.

Capello's journey in the air gunning world began when he was a child. He became fascinated with air guns at a young age and would spend hours shooting targets in his backyard. As he grew older, his passion for air guns only intensified. He began to compete in local and national competitions, eventually becoming a professional shooter.

One of Capello's most significant contributions to the air gunning industry has been his work as an author. He has written several books on the subject of air guns, including "Air Rifles: A Buyer's and Shooter's Guide" and "Shooter's Bible Guide to Air Pistols." These books provide valuable insights into the world of air guns, including information on equipment, techniques, and safety.

In addition to his writing, Capello is also a prominent figure on YouTube. His channel, "Airgun Reporter," has over 40,000 subscribers and features reviews of the latest air gun models, as well as tips and techniques for improving your shooting skills. Capello's videos are both informative and entertaining, and his engaging personality has helped him become one of the most popular figures in the air gunning community.

Capello's expertise has also been recognized by industry leaders. He has served as a consultant for major air gun manufacturers, helping to design and test new models. He has also worked with organizations like the National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote the sport of air gunning to a wider audience.

In conclusion, Paul Capello is a true icon in the world of air gunning. His passion, expertise, and dedication have helped promote the sport to a wider audience and have inspired countless shooters around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, Capello's work is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of air guns.

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