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Customer Photo Submissions
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Benjamin 357 with the Mega Moderator and Pitbull Barrel Supports. Shot at about 45 yards away. This thing is like a f’n laser beam with its accuracy now thanks to those barrel supports and is a lot more quiet than anything this powerful, allowing me to get two coyote in one night, in less than 30 min. 



Harvested this little guy last night shooting my Pitbull with 140gr Nosler at 40yds.


253lbs!. You could hear the bullet slap him. Thanks for doing a such a great job.


David Cheplicki-1.JPG

"Hey I just wanted to say thank you guys for the hard work you do and the work you did on my Benjamin Bulldog.. hope you all have a great Thanksgiving"


Gene Parker Hog.jpg

"Shots were at 47 yards with the Benjamin 145 GRN Nosler tipped bullet with the Pitbull Long Moderator. If it wasn't for the moderator I would not have been able to shoot all three hogs in the 5 minutes I had. I'm excited about the DePinger! These were all head shots.

-Captain Gene.P

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