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.357 PITBULL HP | 400 or 50 Count

RESTRICTIONS: We will NOT ship Airgun Ammo to Canada or anywhere outside the US.


The Pitbull HP by High Arc Hunter was designed to be the longest, heaviest and most accurate round that could possibly fit in the factory Bulldog magazine. Made exclusively for Pitbull Airguns, you will NOT find this round for sale anywhere but right here! With unparalleled knock-down power and hollow point expansion, the 357 Pitbull HP might just be your new favorite round for the Benjamin Bulldog.

Rounds per Package: Choose 50 or 400
Compatible with the factory magazine
Weight: 160 Gr.
Caliber: .357

.357 PITBULL HP | 400 or 50 Count

PriceFrom $38.00
Out of Stock
  • Sorry we are not currently offering ammo for sale outside the USA

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