MEGA Pitbull 357 & 457: Our Most Quiet Pitbull

POWER + STEALTH!When you want to keep it more compact but also want increased power, we offer our MEGA Pitbull .357 caliber rifle. This configuration retains the stock reservoir and includes a brand new .357 cal Benjamin Bulldog, the famous MEGA Moderator, our full Custom Power Tune, Pitbull DePinger and more!


What's Included:

New .357 cal Benjamin Bulldog

MEGA Moderator

Barrel Supports


Pitbull Power Spring

Transfer Port Power Modding (225 Ft Lbs avg.)

Trigger Polishing & Tuning (to your pull-weight preferences)

Barrel Cleaning/Crowning & Lapping

Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting

Full Lubrication on necessary parts V

elocity Tuning/Adjusting


Price Includes Flat Fee Return Shipping, insured. Hawaii EXTRA.

MEGA Pitbull 357 & 457: Our Most Quiet Pitbull

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