Pitbull AKC Regulated 357

The Air-powered Kinetic Canine


The Pitbull AKC 357 was created in response to Bulldog owners that wanted a regulated rifle with a larger capacity reservoir and the option of using cylindrical moderators such as the DonnyFL. 

The length of the Bulldog remains the same as stock, with the addition our 4500 psi "BlueTick" shroud-length HUMA regulated reservoir. The HUMA regulator is set to 2700 psi, and with a 4500 psi fill, you can expect  up to 6 regulated shots for super accurate big game and varmint hunting.  The average muzzle energy is 220 Ft/Lbs  with 160 grain ammo and 215 Ft/Lbs with 142 grain ammo.


The custom made billet aluminum end cap is threaded to M18x1 to accept DonnyFL moderators, and includes a protective beauty ring when not in use. The installed HUMA Regulator removes the nasty Bulldog "banjo ping" so there's no need for a DePinger. 


The front of the reservoir has the Airbow end cap and a 5000 psi gauge. a Fill Probe is included. The original Bulldog gauge on the side of the rifle becomes the regulated pressure indicator. 


What You Get:

New Benjamin Bulldog (Black)

Transfer Port Power Modding

Extended Reservoir

Fill Probe

HUMA Regulator

Threaded End Cap (M18x1 for DonnyFL Moderators)
Barrel Supports
Picattiny Bipod Rail
Pitbull Good Dawg Trigger Kit

Pitbull High Performance Breech O-ring (plus extras)

Pitbull Power Spring

Barrel Crowning

Barrel Lapping/Cleaning

Hammer Polishing

Full Lubrication on necessary parts

Velocity Tuning/Adjusting

Benjamin Owners Manual, Cleaning Kit and 5 Round Magazine

Price Includes Flat Fee Return Shipping, insured


***Scope, biPod and DonnyFL Moderator NOT INCLUDED

Pitbull AKC Regulated 357


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