Pitbull Carbine: Big Bore Truck Gun

Compact Pitbull Powerhouse!Send us YOUR Bulldog or Buy a New OneFirst we start with a brand new (or your Bulldog) .357 cal Benjamin Bulldog and next we work some machine shop magic to transform it into compact powerhouse! We trim 6.5" from the factory shroud, then 3.5" from the barrel. Next we thread the barrel to accept an adapter collar that will fit the .357 DonnyFL cylindrical moderators such as the Emperor or Ronin, or cap it off with our knurled thread protector. The finished size of the Pitbull Carbine is 30”.


The FULL Pitbull Carbine Package Includes:


Brand New .357 Cal Benjamin Bulldog (Black)

Pitbull Carbine Modifications

Barrel Supports

Pitbull Power Spring


Picattiny Bipod Rail

Transfer Port Power Modding (260Ft Lbs avg.)

Trigger Polishing & Tuning (to your pull-weight preferences)

Barrel Cleaning/Crowning & Lapping

Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting

Full Lubrication on necessary parts

Velocity Tuning/Adjusting

Includes Flat Fee Return Shipping, insured except Hawaii is EXTRA. 

Aprox. 2 Weeks for Delivery

Pitbull Carbine: Big Bore Truck Gun

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