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457 & 357 Power Pitbull

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The Power Pitbull. When you want to keep it simple for now and save money for ammo, you can still have a Custom 257, 357 & 457 caliber Pitbull! This configuration includes a new Benjamin Bulldog with Lothar Walther barrel, our Custom Power Tune & More!


What You Get:

Brand New Benjamin Bulldog 257, 357, or 457 (or BYOB)

Lothar Walther barrel

Barrel Supports


Pitbull Power Spring

High Performance Breech O-Ring

Transfer Port Power Modding (250-300 Ft Lbs avg. depending on ammo grain weight)

Trigger Polishing & Tuning (to your pull-weight preferences)

Barrel Cleaning/Crowning & Lapping

Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting

Full Lubrication on necessary parts

Velocity Tuning/Adjusting


Aprox. up to 4 Weeks or more for Delivery depending on manufacturer's inventory.


When purchasing a New Bulldog from us, the price indicated Includes Return Shipping. When bringing your own Bulldog, shipping is based on weight and shipping region.

Hawaii Shipping: $150

457 & 357 Power Pitbull

PriceFrom $500.00
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