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Puppy Power Plenums



These Puppy Power Plenums for the Benjamin Bulldog are a drop-in kit that increases your Bulldog's stock 340 CC reservoir's air capacity by up to 160 CCs. The plenums fit directly behind the stock reservoir using our custom made billet aluminum adapters. 3000 psi max


The Puppy Power Plenum PLUS makes your stock reservoir the same length as our one piece 500 CC Extended Reservoir, so we suggest purchasing the optional LONG Moderator at a discount price (see the drop-down menu) to complete your upgrade.  Add to your upgrades the optional DePinger to remove that annoying Benjamin "twang".


The 100 CC Puppy Power Plenum will increase your reservoirs capacity to 440 CCs. The plenum's shorter size will allow you to use cylindrical moderators such as the DonnyFL Ronin and Emperor since it doesnt extend past the Bulldog's shroud and front end cap.  


The only modification you need to make to your rifle is cutting the front cap off the stock to allow the longer reservoir to extend out. THA'TS IT! Super easy to install.




100 CC Puppy Power Plenum & Adapter: $60

160 CC Puppy Power Plenum Plus & Adapter: $75



LONG Moderator: $90 ($10 Discount)

DePinger: $20



Puppy Power Plenums

PriceFrom $60.00
Expected in Stock April 15 2024
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