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The Hush Puppy "King Solomon" 177- 457 cal. Moderator

100% Made in USA Hush Puppy Moderators!


We are very excited to introduce our new line of Hush Puppy Moderators! These moderators are made from carbon fiber tubing and industrial Resin for incredible durability and light weight. The King Solomon 357 & 457  are only 9 ounces! 


9 ounces

8.275" Long (compact versions coming soon)

M18 x 1 Threaded for the New Bulldog Magnums!

Available in 357 & 457 Calibers (many more coming soon!)

2" Diameter USA Made Carbon Fiber Tubing

Super Tough Resin Monocore



For .177 & .22 Cal Air Rifles

1/2" UNC Threaded for most small bore Air Guns (Custom Threads Upon Request)



For .25 & 30 Caliber Air Guns

1/2" UNC Threaded for most small bore Air Guns (Custom Threads Upon Request)




When mounting your new Hush Puppy moderator, please make sure your Bulldog's threaded end cap is secured to the shroud and properly aligned. It should sit perfectly flat against the end of the shroud, and both screws tightened.


The threaded end caps on the new Bulldogs are prone to getting out of alignment. This might cause “clipping” inside the moderator by the projectile as it exits the barrel, even with a light-weight moderator like the Hush Puppy.


You might want to consider our improved M18x1 threaded billet aluminum end cap that we offer. With four screws securing it to the shroud, there is little chance that clipping can occur, even with heavier aluminum moderators.


The Self-sealing Rubber Wiper


The self healing rubber disk installed on the Hush Puppy is an optional part. We've found that it helps reduce the report, however if you find that your accuracy is off it can be removed. Unscrew the front end cap of the Hush Puppy and simply push out the wiper. Reinstall the cap and tighten down by hand.


Assembly tools made specifically for the Hush Puppy would greatly aid in assembling/disassembling your moderator. 


The Hush Puppy "King Solomon" 177- 457 cal. Moderator

PriceFrom $150.00
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