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A Pitbull Puppy is Born

I started work on a customer's gun yesterday, we are doing the whole enchilada...from stock Bulldog to Custom Pitbull. Robert. R will be one lucky fellow once we are done with the work and send the rifle to its new home. I began with polishing the trigger components, creating a smooth, crisp action that is sure to please. Matt showed me the ropes with regards to the trigger polishing, and our new video helps explain exactly what we do here with a new Bulldog. I'm really enjoying working with my hands again!

You can get your Benji Bulldog directly from us at a great price when ordering a complete Pitbull package.

I polished all the components and filed the sear to produce a nice crisp action in the let-off. I was feeling ambitious and even polished the legs of the spring where it makes contact.

Ready to install the 5k pressure gauge on our extended reservoir.

Our custom HUMA regulator. The socket head cap screw is for adjusting how quickly the reg recharges after each shot.

The testing tool for the HUMA regulators. By tethering it to a carbon fiber tank, we are able to test it and make sure it gets up to the pressure we want after cycling it several times. Its reading a perfect 175 BAR after 10 cycles.

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