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Crowning Glory

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Matt Hodges walked me through the barrel crowning process he performs on the lathe. Some Bulldogs come from the factory with a perfectly acceptable crown end, however when they don't, we perform that as part of our Full Pitbull Tune. Eleven degrees is the magic number apparently for the crown angle, and as you can see from the pic below, its a beautiful thing!

If you've ever owned and dismantled a Benjamin or Crosman air gun, you know that there are parts like the hammer that may come with a rough, gray colored parkerized type finish on them. Well the Bulldog certainly does, and as part of our tune up, we carefully remove that hard finish to reveal a nice shine. We remove the finish only, we have to be careful not to alter any dimensions on the hammer itself or it wont be engaged by the trigger sear properly when cocking.

You can't hide yourself in a polished crown when taking a photo

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