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Darn Squirrels at it Again!

The heck happened to this shroud? We left it outside for 10 minutes next to a big bag of boiled Brazil nuts and we come back and its chopped. Might have to use it for a project somehow? Stay Tuned!

Check out the Jefferson State SS Valve for the Bulldog we're installing on a customer's build.

Info from the manufacturer:

"This is our high power valve for the Benjamin Bulldog.  Our stock Bulldog produced 180fpe out of the box.  We installed this valve, the provided light weight hammer spring, and ported the barrel transfer port to .30"; we then dialed a shot string up to 980fps using 127gr ammo, that's right at 280fpe at the factory recommended fill pressure.  We don't know of any other modification that can get these numbers out of a Bulldog. The supplied hammer spring will also make your gun easier to cock. Please refrain from using heavy hammer springs with this valve."  

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