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Dogs Riding in Trucks

We completed this build for Scott. O, and we're sad to say it has to leave the shop today to go home to its new master! This custom carbine Pitbull was a super fun project, just one of many we hope to complete in the coming new year.

As you can see from the photos, this compact rifle fits nicely between the seat and center console of Matt's truck. Scott wanted his Pitbull to shoot .35 cal JSBs in the mid 900's, so we took it to the range for fine tuning, chrony testing and hammer spring adjustment. The sweet spot for fill pressure was discovered to be 2700-2750 PSI, which gave us a great balance of efficiency, power and accuracy. The rifle used about 100 PSI per shot. Matt shot a sub 1" group (0.721) with those big 'ole JSB diabolo slugs at 50 yards

We're also sending Scott our prototype cylindrical moderator dubbed the "Pug" for testing. In a quick and dirty decibel test, the un-moderated rifle got a reading of 128 dB, and with our Pug moderator it it looks like that number shrank to 103 dB.

Scott's carbine also received our full tune up and power mod, and we hope he enjoys his new rifle for years to come. We like this rifle so much, more than likely we'll have to make one for ourselves to play with here at the shop!

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