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Fun at EBR and More Dog House News

Well folks the 2018 Extreme Bench Rest competition has come and gone and Matt and me had an awesome time! This was my second year at the event hosted by Airguns of Arizona and a first for Matt, and we both competed in the Big Bore event. Matt competed in the Open Class using his custom Pitbull, which garnered a lot of attention for its unique steam punk paint scheme. Matt was totally surprised to come in third, competing with seasoned EBR shooters, but we all know he's a heck of a shot. I competed in the Production Class with an out-of-the-box Bulldog, and I scored dismally-well, it was going good at first but I tanked shortly after. This was my first time competing at an airgun event, but heck I had lots of fun shooting. The best part about the EBR event is meeting all the pro shooters, YouTube personalities and the hard-working staff at Airguns of Arizona. Talking shop and shooting the breeze is all part of enjoying this amazing sport of ours.

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