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Pioneer AirBow-Wow!

A customer sent us two of his Pioneer Airbows for tuning and we dug deep into the inner workings of these very interesting air powered beasts. While they share many traits in common with the Bulldog, make no mistake that under the hood these are a very different breed of air powered arms. According to the specs, the AirBow will fire a 375 Gr arrow at 450 FPS creating 168 Ft Lbs of energy. Matt's estimate after we did a power tune is an increase of 150 FPS. We're gonna shoot a stock Airbow side-by-side with our tuned one and post the results. I've always felt the AirBow (or any air powered arrow shooting rifle) is a great alternative for those individuals who may like to hunt big game with crossbows or long bows, but are unable to because of medical conditions or those with physical injuries or disabilities.

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