• Matt Hodges

Trigger Time with Matt Hodges

Me and Matt went to the range after church to test out the new Pitbull HUMA regulator we installed in a customer's Bulldog. David .C from Bellaire, MI is new to airguns but not to deer hunting, and wants to get the best he can from his rifle. Finding the right balance between velocity and energy paired with the most accurate and hard-hitting bullet is what's needed to effectively (and ethically) take large game with your Bulldog.

We tested David's Bulldog with and without our LONG Moderator installed, and the difference is quite dramatic. 100 dB with the moderator installed, and 114 dB without! If you understand how sound pressure is measured, you know that an acoustic increase of 14 dB is very, very loud.

Bulldog decibel reading with our LONG Moderator installed.

Decibel reading without the LONG Moderator installed

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